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Industrial product designer

Are you looking for an industrial product designer who can assist you in the entire development process of a new product? iDNA is an industrial design agency, located at Boomsesteenweg 12, unit 11 in Aartselaar. We help you with the product development of new products or the improvement of existing products. So do you have a new idea and would you like assistance in preparing the product for the market? Then iDNA industrial design agency is the right place for you.

The working method of an industrial product designer

iDNA works as an industrial design agency and industrial product designer based on a 7 step plan . That step-by-step plan represents our standard working method. Have you come up with a new product and do you use iDNA for guidance in the development of the product? Then we go through the following steps with you:

  • We are doing a feasibility study. This means that we will find an answer to various questions: is the product new, is there a market for the product, is it eligible for subsidies?

  • We offer you strategic advice. We go through the entire project with you, from concept to use.

  • We help you with the concept phase. The concept and the elaboration of the concept are discussed. How can the product be developed correctly, with which materials and how can it be as cheap as possible?

  • We subject your product to risk management and critical evaluation. Where are the weak links of the chosen product, where can the product be improved?

  • We help you with styling and engineering. The product takes shape and is subjected to various tests.

  • We develop prototypes and assembly of small series. This way, we thoroughly test the functionality of the product and we gain insight into improvements and adjustments.

  • We help you with industrialization. The design is finished in detail.

Team of experienced product designers and engineers

At iDNA we work with a driven team of experienced product designers and engineers. This way you are assured of the quality of a real industrial product designer. Would you like to contact our industrial design agency? Then call 03 289 34 16 and make an appointment without obligation.

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