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The DNA of iDNA

iDNA is a conceptually and technically strong design agency with a driven team of experienced product designers and engineers. We have been working for independent entrepreneurs, SMEs and large companies since 1999. As result-oriented professionals, we are proud that almost all of our projects reach the production stage and are successfully marketed. The chances of success of each project are therefore thoroughly evaluated from the outset. Each stage in the development is methodically and critically tested against different parameters. And the design is updated to the last on the basis of prototypes, pilot products and test setups. Each design is the result of an intensive collaboration between the iDNA team and you, the client. We work as integrated as possible, taking into account your own facilities, production methods and procedures.

Our office and assembly workshop are easily accessible on the A12 in Aartselaar, near Antwerp. But we would like to visit you for a no-obligation introduction.

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The great strength of design agency iDNA lies in the motivated and competent team of highly qualified product engineers and creative product designers, years of experience and our proven formula. For every assignment they go to great lengths and there is very intensive cooperation. In this way, everyone's strength is maximized.


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How does meaningful innovation grow your business?

Any design should make sense to the user, certainly. But it must also make sense in terms of production technology. Achievable. And commercially meaningful. By generating profit. Or save costs. Or increase your productivity.

Meaningful innovation always contributes to the growth of your company. And that is only possible if your product or service is thought out in detail. From the first sketch to the end result. And after that. iDNA would like to think along with you about this. At every stage of development.

Our mission and vision

Our mission

IDNA's mission is to make people enjoy the products they use more. We guide companies in innovating and developing their products to the highest level. We help companies to bring a successful product to the market. We thereby stimulate economic value and society.

Our vision

Because we have a good command of the product development process, we are able to deliver a high-quality and innovative result to our customers with our best and proven insights, skills and methods.

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