In-house assembly

Assembly facility at iDNA

An extra service for our customers

When we deliver a finished product, we want to make sure it works. That's why we like to test it in its final form. From products that we develop ourselves, we also supply finished products in small series, if you wish.

Why outsource assembly

Many companies do not have the facilities to perform the assembly themselves. Or it is not profitable, in terms of personnel and working hours. By leaving the assembly to us, you can concentrate on your core business.

How do we proceed?

We always start from a complete production file, an assembly document and an extensive bill of materials. As a rule, we purchase the mechanical parts and supply the customer-specific elements, such as the electronic components or the control. Numbers and finishing level are clearly agreed in advance. Our management system allows us to run the entire process smoothly, from order to delivery.

Why iDNA?

In short: product knowledge, experience and quality care. We know exactly what requirements are placed on the product. Moreover, together we can quickly evaluate whether adjustments are needed. These are then immediately implemented during the next production run. Do you dread complex productions with variations in color and design? Due to our small-scale approach, these are no problem for us.

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