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Engineering product design

Are you looking for a specialist who can help you with engineering product design? iDNA is the specialist you are looking for. We are a design agency for industrial design and product development and we therefore guide you through the entire process of developing new ideas for products or innovating existing products.

Engineering part of the 7 step plan for product design

As a technical design agency, we help independent entrepreneurs, SMEs and large companies with the design and innovation of products. We do that throughout the entire process. We use a working method consisting of 7 steps that relate to the entire product design process:

  • Feasibility study: is your idea or product likely to succeed?

  • Strategic advice: the entire process is discussed.

  • Concept phase: the idea or product is designed and tested.

  • Risk management and critical evaluation: where can the idea or product be improved?

  • Styling and engineering: the idea or product is elaborated and assessed.

  • Prototypes and assembly of small series: the idea or product is made tangible.

  • Industrialization: the idea or product is finished in detail.

Do you have a good idea yourself? Get in touch!

Do you have a new idea for a product? Or do you want to improve an existing product? Then you can turn on iDNA for help. Our passionate team of experienced engineers and product designers will help you realize your idea. After a thorough evaluation of the chances of success of your idea, we always do our utmost to reach the product stage and successfully market the product. Would you like to make an appointment with iDNA , for example to discuss engineering product design? You can do this on 03 289 34 16 . Our employees are happy to assist you and discuss the options with you.

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