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3D product design

See your idea come to life in a 3D product design. This is one of the seven steps in IDnA's 7 step plan. We are an agency that designs your product conceptually and technically. From start to finish, we test the success rate for each stage. This way you know how useful it is to the user when the product enters the market. But also how you generate profit or increase your productivity. Do you want to hear all the benefits for the development of your 3D product design? Then make an appointment.

View the functionality of your idea in a 3D product design

To ensure that your design makes sense for the user, we review the 7-step plan . One of these steps is to draw a 3D design . This way you check the harmony between technology and aesthetics. In addition, we use various versions based on results from the strength analyzes and test setups. After this step you will get a tangible result, produced in your own workshop. Test the functionality of your new pilot product yourself. So the 3D product design really comes to life.

Your company will grow with this collaboration

Choose a company that thinks along with you about every stage in the development of your product. Call us in at every stage of product design . This ranges from the feasibility study and strategic advice to a 3D product design and prototyping . For questions please contact us on 03 289 34 16 .

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