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3D designs

To get a good picture of your product, it is wise to design it in 3D. By having a 3D drawing made, you gain spatial insight into the aspects of the product, so you will often recognize weaknesses and strengths. Then it is very easy to respond to these aspects. At this stage of the process it is therefore certainly useful to count on the experienced IDnA staff. You enjoy tailor-made advice when having a 3D drawing and designing your product.

Have a 3D presentation of your product designed

If you have a 3D drawing made with us, we will design it using our CAD software. Based on photo-realistic renderings, we create an accurate image of your desired product. Do you still have some reservations after you have had the 3D drawing made? Then it is of course possible to make these adjustments. We design the 3D design in such a way that you are completely convinced of your product. If you wish, we also make a 3D print of this, so that you also have a tangible example of the design.

Count on us to have a 3D drawing made

Do you have a good idea for designing a new product and would you like to have a 3D drawing made of it? Then make an appointment with IDnA and our employees will be happy to go through our proven 7-step plan together with you. Contact us by phone by calling 03 289 34 16 .

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