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If it may also be beautiful

A functional and beautiful product sells itself

According to our design vision, form and function always go hand in hand. Moreover, a product must not only look beautiful, it must also be technically correct down to the smallest details. That is also the reason why we continuously feed back to the concept during the design phase and also look ahead to the engineering phase.


In addition to styling, design also includes user comfort and the user experience

Moreover, design is about much more than just the appearance and the technical aspects. The design is determined by, among other things, the functional and aesthetic aspects. In addition, ergonomics, user comfort and experience for the end user are also very important. Here we speak about User Centered Design. The end user is central. It is iDNA's mission to let people enjoy the products they use to the maximum.

Visualization by 3D rendering

In this design phase, the product takes on its final external shape. First we make photo-realistic renderings from 3D images in our CAD software. Afterwards, we also make it tangible with a 3D print. This gives you a perfect picture of the design of your product. Of course we fine-tune the design until it fully meets our and your expectations. We also offer drawing in 3D CAD and printing in 3D models as a separate service.

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