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Strategic advice

We look at the general concept of the product. Which parts can be changed to which material, weight and cost? In short: Where can we get profit within this product system?

Analysis of the concept

The concept describes where a certain added value can be. The concept is a direction in which a product idea can possibly be generated. This can be a specific sector or profession. We work out a product idea together, by analyzing your concept.

Analysis of the idea.

The idea is a step further than the concept. The idea is aimed at a possible product that fulfills certain functions, while providing added value. We examine the feasibility of the product idea and sharpen it according to our professional knowledge.

The feasibility of your idea is tested on all points. From production to logistics to sales, including packaging and presentation. We even include the 'customer journey'. We pour the results into an objective SWOT analysis. We also use the SCAMPER method to critically view the product from all angles.

What can you expect?

You will immediately become acquainted with the thoroughly structured approach of iDNA . You will receive a clear report with clear conclusions, useful suggestions and practical recommendations to get you started. And nothing prevents you from involving us as a partner in the further development of your product idea.

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