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Strength calculations

We are strong in finding the weak link

Structural calculations with Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

You may have your own development department. However, performing strength calculations is often complex and time-consuming. We are happy to support your engineers with our many years of expertise in this field. In addition, you will immediately receive recommendations on any useful adjustments.

How do we proceed?

What we need is a 3D model and a clear briefing. What is the expected load? Where are the targets? Which materials are used? Our simulation software will work with that data. Is there no 3D model available? No problem, we also take care of that.


Why iDNA?

Through our years of experience with the most diverse projects, we have built up in-depth knowledge of Finite Elements Analysis. It is an integral part of our working method. So we can also link solidly substantiated advice to it.


iDNA: software + expertise?

No matter how sophisticated our software is, the output always depends on the input. And that is human work. Just like the interpretation afterwards. Is a certain part too weak? Or too strong? Is the problem structural? Or is it a detail? Our strength lies in drawing the right conclusions.

The result?

You will not only receive a complete report with 3D drawing and detailed figures, but also the necessary explanation. And of course our expert advice. This allows you to improve your product or even produce it cheaper.

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