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Questions about our services?




iDNA is a conceptually and technically strong design agency with a driven team of experienced product designers and engineers. We have been working for independent entrepreneurs, SMEs and large companies since 1999. As result-oriented professionals, we are proud that almost all of our projects reach the production stage and are successfully marketed.


You have an idea ? Or not yet an idea, but a need or a question? Then we will come up with a solution together with you.


Improving an existing product? Expand your range? Want to make your productionprocess more efficient? Count on our experience.


Do you want to engage us as a research partner in an innovation process? As a Flemish SME you can apply for a subsidy from the government.

Our step-by-step plan outlines our working method from A to Z. This does not alter the fact that you can enter from any letter of the alphabet.


The simplest and most commonly used collaboration model is a fixed price quote. During the previous discussions, we lay down very concretely what the requirements for your product entail and what you expect with regard to concept development, product design, product engineering, prototyping and production. Based on this, we work out an all-in proposal for a fixed price. That way you know exactly what the further development of your product will cost.


When we determine together that the development process for your idea, design or concept cannot yet be fully defined, we develop in accordance with agreed hourly rates. In this way you maintain maximum flexibility throughout the development process to make adjustments. Naturally, we guarantee maximum transparency in this cooperation formula. Every next step in the story is thoroughly discussed.


When we participate in your investment, this means that we take on all or part of the development costs. In exchange for this investment, we receive an agreed profit sharing when the product goes on sale. It goes without saying that we only take this risk if it clicks between all parties and we 100% believe in your sales expertise.


Do you have your own R&D team of product engineers and product designers and are you temporarily struggling with a shortage of capacity? Regardless of the 3D CAD software you use, you can count on us for outsourcing product designers and / or product engineers trained by us. We make our people available the entire working week full-time for an agreed period.

Meaningful innovation always contributes to the growth of your company. This is only possible if your product or service is well thought out in detail. From the first sketch to the end result. And after that. iDNA would like to think along with you about this. At every stage of development.


We will contact you as soon as possible.

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