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Price reduction

A lower price for your product

Price reduction

Just as in the previous phases of the 7-step plan , we are also constantly looking for technical weaknesses in this phase of product engineering. Where can we improve?

  • What could be better in terms of production technology?

  • Where can material be saved?

  • Which materials are best suited?

  • Is the product not too expensive?

  • ...

To answer these and other technical questions, we rely on strength calculations (FEA - Finite Element Analysis) , an initial price estimate, test models ...

Reverse engineering is also possible

You have also come to the right place for reverse engineering. With reverse engineering, we start from an existing product that we scan in 3D. Based on this 3D file, we will work on adjusting or optimizing the product according to the set requirements, both technically and in terms of design and price reduction. Subsequently, the modified and therefore renewed product goes back into production, at a higher profitability.

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